1st Nine Weeks:Plants and Living Things
Chapter 3 Test - October 13th
2nd Nine Weeks: Living Things and Animals
Chapter 4 Test- November 15th
3rd Nine Weeks: Ecosystems /Weather
Chapter 5 Test- January 30th
Chapter 6 Test- March 9th
4th Nine Weeks: Force and Motion
Chapter 1 Test-
Chapter 2 Test-

1st Nine Weeks: Maps
S.S. Weekly Test 1 - September 27th
2nd Nine Weeks: Native American Unit
S.S. Weekly Test 2- October 26th
Native American Test- November 29th
3rd Nine Weeks: Government/ Alabama State Standards
S.S. Weekly Test 6: February 6th
Alabama Test: TBA
4th Nine Weeks: Alabama State Standards/Maps