Please read the story every night to help with learning the story.
Reading 3rd Grade Book

1st Nine Weeks: (Reading and Vocabulary Test on Friday unless noted)
Week 0- No story
Week 1- Little Grunt - Plot, Problem and Solution, Theme, Character Traits
Week 2- Pen Pal for Max- Plot, Problem and Solution, Theme, Character Traits, Point of View
Week 3- Ruby the Copy Cat- Characters, Setting, and Plot

Week 4- Schools Around the World- Text features, Dictionary skills
Week 5- Moved to next week because of IRMA
Week 6- Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut- Text features and Dictionary Skills
Week 7- Plantzilla- Plot, Point of View, Theme

Week 8- Babe and I- Plot, Point of View, Theme
Week 9- The Case of the Three Bears' Breakfast- Review
2nd Nine Weeks: (Reading Test on Friday unless noted)
Week 1- Aero and Officer Mike- Main Idea and Details
Week 2- How Animals Talk- Main Idea and Details

Week 3-Stone Soup- Theme (Test Thursday for Fall Festival)
Week 4- How Many Days to America?- Historical Fiction (Test Thursday for Veteran's Day)
Week 5- The Turkey Bowl- Character Traits and Summarizing (Test Thursday for Field Trip)
No school
Week 6- Ramona, Age- 8 Chapters 1-3

Week 7- Ramona, Age 8- Chapters 4-6
Week 8- Ramona, Age 8- Chapters 7-9 (Test Thursday)
Week 9- No Lessons

3rd Nine Weeks: (Reading Test on Friday unless noted)
Week 1- Rotten Red-headed Older Brother and Rotten Richie and the Ultimate Dare- Compare and Contrast
Week 2- MLK Day/ Weather Days- No Story
Week 3- The Polar Bear Son- Folktales, Synthesizing, Context Clues
Week 4-I Wonder Why Penguins Can't Fly- Main Idea

Week 5-When Marian Sang- Inference/Draw Conclusions
Week 6-Trombone Shorty- Point of view/ Autobiography
Week 7-Two Bad Ants- Point of View/ Literal and Non-Literal Language
Week 8- Finding Winnie- Ask and Answer Questions

Week 9- Two Bear Cubs- Myth/play
4th Nine Weeks: (Reading Test on Friday unless noted)
Week 1- I Dissent- Historical Events Cause and Effect
Week 2- The House that Jane Built/ On a Beam of Light- Text evidence, compare and contrast
Spring Break

Week 3- The Tree Lady- Cause and Effect
Week 4- The Great Kapok Tree- Point of View
Week 5- Cactus Soup- Compare/Contrast, Folktale
Week 6- Humphrey the Lost Whale- Compare/Contrast

Week 7-
Week 8-
Week 9-
Week 10- (Last Week of School)