Spelling Test will be on Thursdays

1st Nine Weeks: Types of Sentences, All types of Subjects and Predicates, and Run-on Sentences, Nouns- All types of Nouns
(Unit Test Oct. 13th)

2nd Nine Weeks: Verbs- All types of Verbs
(Unit Test Dec. 13th.)

3rd Nine Weeks: Contractions, Quotation Marks, Adjectives, and Articles
(Unit Test at the end of the Nine Weeks.)

4th Nine Weeks: Pronouns- All types of Pronouns, Adverbs- All types of Adverbs
(Unit Test at the end of the Nine Weeks.)

No tests in Writing
1st Nine Weeks: Narrative Writing
2nd Nine Weeks: Opinion Writing
3rd Nine Weeks: Persuasive Writing
4th Nine Weeks: Review